The RTI Student Network is an international and interdisciplinary student-led organisation (based at the University of Oxford) with the goal of connecting students interested in topics related to responsible research and innovation. We hold and support events such as the ‘Responsibility in Industry’ expert panel event in September 2021.

Our objectives

  • Develop an international and interdisciplinary network of graduate students interested in responsible technology
  • Deepen expertise in responsible technology through discussions and presentations
  • Facilitate supportive feedback from fellow students on on-going research projects

Our activities

  • Monthly reading groups to discuss literature from fields such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, philosophy, law, economics, and the health sciences
  • Work-in-progress seminars for research students

If you are an interested postgraduate student (e.g., Master’s, PhD, DPhil), and would like to become a member, please reach out to Tyler Reinmund ( or Lize Alberts ( and include your name, university, year of study (e.g. Master’s, PhD), and research interest(s).