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As the rate of progress in quantum computing accelerates, the industrial sector becomes more developed, and potential use-cases become clearer, preparation for the impacts of quantum computing becomes increasingly important to delineate. Creating a Responsible Quantum Future (Ten Holter et al., 2021), based on research in academia, industry and policymaking, proposed a dedicated hub for responsible innovation in quantum computing, seeing it as ever more crucial to deepen the conversation between the QC development community, and wider society. Only by addressing challenges in the industry, policy, and social dialogue, can the forward-thinking aspects of responsible innovation be turned into concrete action. This is necessary in order to ensure that society experiences not only the benefits of advanced QC research, but that principles of good governance, transparency, and other aspects of responsible development are translated from the research environment into the commercial sector.

ResQCCom Team Members

Prof Marina Jirotka

Dr Carolyn Ten Holter

Dr Philip Inglesant

Collaborators working on ResQCCom