Responsible AI UK (RAI UK) has awarded its first grants for impact acceleration projects, including to a team led by the University of Oxford’s Responsible Technology Institute at the Department of Computer Science.   


The Impact Accelerator projects aim to maximise impact from existing responsible AI research to rapidly realise benefits for the economy, society, culture, policy, health, the environment and quality of life.  

The funding was awarded to the Responsible Innovation Advantage in Knowledge Exchange (RAKE) project, led by Department of Computer Science Professor Marina Jirotka.  

RAKE consolidates existing experience and resources to work with funders, businesses, projects, CDTs, and university spinouts.   

It will investigate how responsible innovation (RI) can be better embedded within these processes to support the development and deployment of responsible AI.   

It will collectively build on past work to support a new generation of RI-in-practice, strengthening RAI-UK’s responsible-AI research agenda.  

‘We’re excited by the opportunity to collaborate with the Universities of Nottingham and Warwick to develop ways to embed Responsible Innovation (RI) into innovation processes. Incorporating techniques that draw on stakeholder engagement, reflection, and anticipatory governance, can help projects and nascent companies develop long-term resilience and robust mechanisms for responsible AI.’ Professor Marina Jirotka, project lead for RAKE

The University of Oxford leads a consortium with University of Warwick, University of Nottingham, Beyond Reach, Kainos, Swansea University, the National Archives, Platform 7, Pantar, Newton Europe, and Albino Mosquito.  

For a full list of Responsible AI UK Impact Acceleration Grants: Impact Accelerator — Responsible AI UK (