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The Responsible Technology Institute (RTI) is delighted to launch its new animated video, in order to introduce itself as a touchpoint for research and responsible innovation. The RTI is an international centre of excellence on responsible technology which is working to establish a creative and robust community that develops nuanced approaches to responsibility and responsible innovation (RI). The Institute looks at the societal challenges that can occur as a result of new and emergent technologies, unpacks complexities around the understanding of responsibility in different environments, and addresses gaps that exist in industrial approaches to responsible technology. The RTI works to draw together strands of ongoing research and investigation relevant to academia, policy and industry, working with researchers from the Department of Computer Science and the Oxford Robotics Institute.

Professor Marina Jirotka, Director of the Responsible Technology Institute commented “The Responsible Technology Institute aims to ensure that those developing the businesses, innovations and laws of the future will have a comprehensive understanding of some of the challenges and complexities that technology can bring and how Responsible Innovation can help address these.”

You can view the animation here: